Friday, March 27, 2009

G3 Smartcards

Below is one of the e-mails routed to Dish Network accredited retailers regarding guidelines of the G3 Smartcard Exchange process which actually started June of 2008. Some customers however were sent the smartcards on the latter part of 2008 to insert it to their receivers to continue receiving their programmed channels. Now, what happens 30 days after they were sent out the smartcards and they don't insert it yet is they'll get an error message such as: "the smartcard has expired", or "the smartcard is invalid for this receiver"' or just a blunt error like "Error 005".

October 8, 2008
Dear DISH Network® Retailer, Beginning in July of this year, DISH Network launched a project to exchange old (Aladin) Smart Cards in customer receivers for new (G3) Smart Cards. As part of this process, we are sending new G3 Smart Cards directly to customers with instructions on how to complete the simple installation process. Additionally, we have started to include the new G3 Smart Cards in receivers currently being sold - so for these receivers, the G3 Smart Card exchange may not be necessary.

Support for Un-Exchanged Smart Cards is Scheduled to End in November 2008

- In November, we plan to start the process of shutting off programming to Aladin Smart Cards. Therefore, it is important that you install customers with older receivers from your inventory first in order to deplete your supply of Aladin Smart Cards. The Aladin Smart Cards in these older receivers may be exchanged for the new G3 Smart Cards after they are activated with customers and before any programming shut-offs.